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  • Amazing Adventures Companion

    Welcome to the first sourcebook for Amazing Adventures! Herein you will find tons of material to expand and improve your campaign, unlocking the doors to adventures heretofore undreamed of. Pulp...
  • Amazing Adventures: Book of Powers

    This, the latest sourcebook for the Amazing Adventures line, provides a brand-new effects-based powers system, which is 100% compatible with all systems and subsystems that have come before, and allows...
  • Amazing Adventures Manual of Monsters

    In the Amazing Adventures Manual of Monsters you will find scores of creatures both fantastic and benign, alien and supernatural, to challenge your adventurers. Included herein are over two dozen...
  • Amazing Adventures: Rise of the Red God

    Somewhere deep in the jungle lies an ancient temple, a temple built by a lost civilization and dedicated to a long-forgotten god. Likely a deity of the Thurian Age, tens...
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