Historical Miniatures

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  • WG: WW2: Junkers Ju.87 B-2

    The Junkers Ju.87 B–2, best known as “Stuka,” was a single engine German dive bomber, easily recognizable by its inverted gull wings and fixed undercarriage. The Stuka’s design included several...
  • SGN: HMS Leander 1780/HMS Adamant 1780

    The Portland class was a class of British 4th rate ships, armed with 50 cannons and with a designed crew of 350 men. They were armed with 22 24–Pounder guns...
  • Bolt Action: IS2 Platoon

    The late war IS-2 now available in platoon strength.Also contains a frame of Soviet infantry which can be used as tank riders.Contents:Three plastic kitsStat cardsDamage markers
  • BA: US HMG Team

    Blister pack containing four metal miniatures, plus HMG. Supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
  • BP: Nap: BR Horse Artillery 9pdr Canno

    1 Artillery Piece4 CrewAssembly Required.
  • Armies Italian Wars Unification (1)

    In the 1840s, post-Napoleonic Italy was 'a geographical expression' - not a country, but a patchwork of states, divided between the Austrian-occupied north, and a Spanish-descended Bourbon monarchy, who ruled...
  • T34 Battle Ready Tank, Bolt Action model

    The T-34/85, the very symbol of Soviet military strength in the Second World War, had a large turret to house the more powerful 85mm ZiS gun. A supremely rugged and...
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