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  • Ares: Sails of Glory Santa Ana 1784 Mejicano 1786, Miniatures

    The “Meregildos” were Spanish 1st-rate ships of the line, armed with 112 cannons and with a designed crew of about 1100. They were armed with 30 36–Pounder guns in the...
  • Starter Set: Panther vs. Sherman

    Through the pouring rain, you can just make out the smoke billowing from your platoon commander's tank. Corporal Schrader, always the cautious one, wants to retreat and regroup but you...
  • World War II Wargames Rules: Second Edition

    With more than 23,000 copies sold of the first edition, this second edition of the best-selling Bolt ActionWorld War II wargaming ruleset from Osprey and Warlord Games presents streamlined and refined...
  • Bolt Action: Armies of Imperial Japan

    Following the assault on Pearl Harbor, the Imperial Japanese military saw action across Asia, from the capture and defense of the islands of the Pacific to the occupation of territory...
  • Empires in Flames: The Pacific and the Far East

    Far from the battlefields of Europe and North Africa, Allied forces fought a very different war against another foe, from the jungles of Burma to the islands of the Pacific...
  • Ostfront: Barbarossa to Berlin

    Take charge of Operation Barbarossa and drive towards Moscow or command the steadfast defenders of the Soviet Union. From the early battles for Leningrad and Sevastopol to the tank clash...
  • Battleground Europe: D-Day to Germany

    Take the fight to the enemy with this new theatre book for Bolt Action. From the D-Day landings to the final battle for Berlin, this volume gives players everything they need...
  • Bolt Action: Armies of Italy and the Axis

    While many nations flocked to the side of the Allies, others joined forces with Germany as part of the Axis. This volume is the definitive guide to the armies of...
  • Bolt Action: Armies of France and the Allies

    World War II was truly a world war, and many nations joined the fight against Germany and the Axis. This latest supplement for Bolt Action covers the armies of France, Poland, Greece,...
  • Bolt Action: Armies of the Soviet Union

    This book provides Bolt Action players with all of the information they need to field the military forces of the Soviet Union. From the bitter urban warfare of Stalingrad, through the Winter...
  • Bolt Action: Armies of Great Britain

    With this supplement for Bolt Action, players can now build an army for Great Britain and the Commonwealth. From early campaigns in Europe to the deserts of North Africa and the...
  • Bolt Action: Armies of the United States

    With this supplement for Bolt Action, players have all the information they need to field the military forces of the United States of America. Entering the war after the attack on...
  • Gangs of Rome: Fighter Decimus

    Step into the streets and alleyways of the ancient Roman Empire. Those streets have become rife with carnage and unrest in these uncertain times. Gangs of brutal Fighters are used...
  • Imperial Roman Legionary Command

    Legionary Command Pack (3)Warlord Games With any self-respecting Roman general fielding multiple units of legionaries it's only natural we provide even more variety to the command models in the plastic...
  • HC: Romans: Auxiliary Command

    Auxiliary Command Pack (3) by Warlord Games.
  • HC: Celt: Decabalus & Shaman Advisor

    Decebalus was a king of Dacia and is famous for fighting three wars and negotiating two interregnums of peace without being eliminated against the Roman Empire under two emperors. In...
  • HC: Celt: Dacian Command

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
  • BA: Baron Nishi (ImpJapanese on horse)

    Baron Takeichi Nishi was a Gold medallist in show jumping at the 1932 Olympics, as well as being an officer in the Japanese army who commanded the 26th Tank Regiment...
  • BA: Japanese Type 47mm Anti Tank Gun

    The Type 1 47mm AT gun was developed following the Japanese encounter with Russian armour and was the first indigenously developed dedicated anti-tank gun. It lacked the performance of other...
  • Wings of Glory: Albatros D. II

    The Albatros D.II was a German fighter produced in response to pilot complaints about poor upward vision in the Albatros D.I. The forward view was improved with changes on wings...
  • HC: Imperial Roman Aquilifer

    Imperial Roman aquilifer figure Supplied unpainted Colour: Grey Size: 28mm Imperial Roman Aquilifer.
  • HC: Celt Army Standard Bearer

    Celt Army Standard Bearer (1) by Warlord Games.
  • HC: Caesarian Roman Command

    Contains:Pack contains 3 metal foot figures.Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.
  • HC: Classical: Greek Command

    Hail Caesar: Classical: Greek Command Blister (3)Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
  • BA: Tank Damage Markers

    With enough fire or black smoke to make up six markers these Tank Damage Markers really add to a game of Bolt Action where vehicles are involved.This product is supplied...
  • BA: US Forward Observer Team (Winter)

    Forward observers are liaison officers responsible for coordinating the attack of aircraft strikes or heavy artillery batteries firing from far behind the battle lines. They are likely to be accompanied...
  • BA: US Bazooka & Sniper Teams (Winter)

    The American Bazooka was first used in North Africa and on Tarawa in November 1942. The first version (M1A1) had two grips and a wooden support. By 1943 the new...
  • Waffen-SS Forward Observer Team

    This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.
  • French Indian War: Rangers

    Contains:Pack contains 6 metal foot figuresMiniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
  • Bolt Action: Polish Army infantry section

    The Polish infantry squad was a powerful fighting force, comprised of up to 19 men. The riflemen were equipped with Mauser bolt-action rifles and the squad support weapon was the well...
  • BA: US Airborne Bazooka & 60mm mortar

    Pack contains 4 metal figures and 1 mortar.Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
  • Hail Caesar: Mounted Celt Command

    This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.
  • BA: Sd.Kfz 251/10 ausf D (Pak 36)

    From the early stages of World War II the German army began to equip their Panzergrenadiers with armoured half-tracks that would support their panzers in action. They developed the excellent...
  • BA: Battle of Berlin Set

    This entire war has led to this monumental moment in world history, this is the Allies chance to end it all, this is Battle for Berlin…Hitler’s armed forces make their...
  • TANKS: US Jackson M10/M36

    TANKS: US M10/M36 This kit can make either vehicle
  • BA: Fallschirmjager Starter Army

    These Bolt Action figures are some of the most beautifully sculpted 28mm figures ever!, All models come unpainted and unassembled!, Bolt Action provides all the rules to bring the great...
  • K47: Daughters of the Motherland

    Using a low level of DNA enhancement through their Rift-tech program, the Soviet Union has created an all-female, propaganda-driven elite unit. Combined with intensive training and indoctrination, the unit has...
  • BA: British Airborne Starter

    Boxed set containing 40+ plastic miniatures and metal accessories. As well as 30 plastic British Airborne troops this box also contains: Vickers MMG teaBoxed set containing 40+ plastic miniatures and...
  • BA: Gebirgsjager Squad

    German elite light mountain infantry used in many theaters of war, from Crete to Norway. Able to use the 'Ski' special rule.
  • BA: US Veterans Squad (Winter)

    Boxed set containing 10 metal troops. Supplied unpainted assembly may be required.
  • BA: Tank War US Starter Set

    This mega box contains three M4 Sherman tank kits and three M18 Hellcat tank destroyer kits.Also included are a mini rule book, orders dice, templates, decals, stats cards, damage markers...
  • BA: Panzer III

    The Panzer III Plastic Box allow you to make the Ausf J, L, M, or N variants. The Panzer III was one of the most numerous German tanks of the...
  • K47: Japanese Ghost Warriors w/SMGs

    An upgrade of the basic Ghost warriors with SMGs making these troops even more powerful.Ghost warriors have the ability to ignore terrain.Contents:4 metal miniatures
  • BA: Chi-Ha Japanese Tank

    With over 2,100 units made, the Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank was the second most produced Japanese medium tank of World War II, after the smaller Type 95 Ha-Go. It...
  • BA: Opel Blitz

    BA: Opel Blitz The Opel Blitz was the unsung hero of the German armed forces in all theatres. Over a dozen versions of this reliable truck saw service during the...
  • WG: WWI: Albatros D.II

    The Albatros D.II was a German fighter produced in response to pilot complaints about poor upward vision in the Albatros D.I. The forward view was improved with changes on wings...
  • Wings of Glory: World War 2

    The FW-190 D (nicknamed the Dora) was intended to improve on the high-altitude performance of the A-series enough to make it useful against the American heavy bombers. However, the circumstances...
  • BA: German Sd/Kfz 250/1 Neu Halftrack

    The Sd. Kfz (abbreviation for the German word Sonderkraftfahrzeug that means special motor vehicle) 250/1 was a reconnaissance and transport vehicle mainly used by scouts and HQ units. The vehicle...
  • BA: US Armored Fist

    This great value boxed set contains a great start to your US army with three squads of American Infantry and their armoured half-track transports! Whether you face German, Italian or...
  • BA: Tank War Soviet Starter Set

    This mega box contains three T34-85 tank kits and three IS-2 kits.Also included are a mini rule book, orders dice, templates, decals, stats cards, damage markers and a scenario booklet....
  • BA: German Grenadiers in Winter Clothing

    Germany's aggressive campaigns of conquest ensured that her armies would fight in many countries far from the fatherland and in starkly contrasting terrain and weather conditions. German soldiers were well-equipped...
  • BA: Soviet Tank Riders (4)

    Four random tank riders. These are supplied without bases and will fit on almost any vehicle with enough flat surface.
  • WG: WWI: Albatros D.III

    The Albatros D.III was the continuation of the line of “shark shaped” fighters that began with the D.I in the fall of 1916. Among the improvements was adopting the “sesquiplane”...
  • BA: US Army Flamethrower Team

    Blister pack containing two miniatures. Flamethrowers were used throughout the war to clear out tunnels and bunkers. At the D-Day landings they were used to open gaps in the fortified...
  • Brit. Snipers in Ghillie Suits

    Blister pack containing two miniatures. Camouflaged in different Ghillie suits these two snipers would be invisible to German invaders. British snipers were armed with a SMLE No.4 Rifle and telescopic...
  • BA: Feldgendarme Motorcycle Team

    Blister pack containing metal bike, crew and dog. Get your military police moving with this motorcycle team. A great addition to our standard Feldgendarme set. Comes with added German Shepard police dog.
  • BA: Australian MMG Team

    Blister pack containing mortar and three metal miniatures.The 3 inch mortar was the main form of artillery in the jungles of New Guinea.The Australian Jungle Division contained two full platoons...
  • Hail Caesar: Egyptian Archers

    Archers were an important part of the Egyptian army, if not the most important part of all. The powerful composite bow, made from laminated strips of wood, was probably introduced...
  • HC: Egyptian Spearmen

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
  • HC: Hittite Spearmen

    This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.
  • HC: Hittite Chariot Squadron

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
  • HC: Celt: Sarmatian Cataphracts

    When the Roman armies crossed the Danube and clashed with the tough Dacians of present day Romania they may not have counted on them bringing along their warlike allies, the...
  • HC: Ancient Britons Boadicea Triumphant

    With the rumble of wooden wheels and a flash of scarlet tresses Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni will soon be making her way onto battlefields at the head of your...
  • HC: Celtic Cavalry

    Celtic Cavalry (10)Warlord Games. This regiment offer combines the multi-pose flexibility of our superb plastic Celtic Warriors with finely detailed metal and resin components.The ponies come with the riders' legs...
  • HC: Ancient Britons

    There can be few more characterful people than the ancient Britons. With their trademark spikey limed hair, magnificently droopy moustaches and painted with woad battle-markings they were as colourful and...
  • An Greeks: Cretan Archers

    Commonly deployed as mercenaries, Cretan archers are an iconic part of Greek armies.Despite their fame, we know almost nothing about their appearance or how they fought!Xenophon mentions their shields (although...
  • HC: Celt Slingers

    The Celt Slingers pack contains 8 random metal Slinger models.Saves you 40p against buying these models individually.We recommend you check out our Celt Upgrade Pack A as it contains bucklers,...
  • HC: Celt: Naked Fanatics

    Wild-eyedand snarling they charge with reckless abandon atthe enemy lines. Celt Fanatics are an awe-inspring site - wearing nothing but a shield and a crazedexression they must have instuilled fear...
  • HC: Celtic Chariot One

    This chariot shows the symbiotic relationship that charioteer and driver would have to have as they clasp wrists to allow the charioteer to lean out and spear the enemy! Contains...
  • HC: Celt Archers

    We have produced a set of what may better be called Barbarianarchers as we think that these lads would look great in a Dacian army, a German horde as well...
  • BA: Soviet Assault Engineer Squad

    Equipped not only with protective body armour but with sub machine guns, flamethrowers, anti-tank rifles and large quantities of grenades these troops were further identified by their loose-fitting camouflage suits....
  • Bolt Action: Polish Army Light Artillery Howitzer

    The famous seventy five millimetre gun of the Great War served well in the Second World War too. The 75mm Gun was also exported to Poland who used it with...
  • German Heer 120 Heavy Mortar Team

    Developed in 1941, the 12 cm (about 4.7 in) GrW 42 was an attempt to give German infantry units a close support weapon with a heavier performance than the mortars...
  • BA: Italian Army Elefantino Anti-Tank Gun

    Officially designated the Cannone da 47/32 M35, it quickly became know as the Elefantino ('little elephant'). The Elefantino was produced under licence from the Austrian company Böhler and throughout the...
  • Bolt Action: Italian Infantry

    Bolt Action: Italian Infantry by Warlord Games.
  • BA: Italian Bersaglieri Infantry

    The Bersaglieri have a long and fine tradition in the Italian army. Formed in 1836, they are an elite unit of infantry and famed for their skill in small arms...
  • BA: Italian Paratroopers

    The Italian paratroopers of the Folgore and Nembo divisions were extremely tough opponents executing aggressive tactics with great initiative whether faced in North Africa, Italy or on the Russian Front....
  • Bolt Action: Dad's Army Box

    During the dark days of 1940, Britain was under dire threat of Nazi invasion. A massive citizen army, the Local Defence Volunteers, was raised to defend their families and homes....