Historical Miniatures

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  • Fighting Sail: Fleet Actions 1775-1815

    In the years between 1776 and 1815, grand square-rigged sailing ships dominated warfare on the high seas. Fighting Sail is a tabletop wargame of fleet battles in this age of...
  • Konflikt 47`: Soviet Ursus Infantry

    The Ursus are a regular infantry choice in a Soviet Army.    They’re 66 points for 3 and additional Ursus can be added at a cost of 22 points per...
  • Bolt Action: IS2 Platoon

    The late war IS-2 now available in platoon strength.Also contains a frame of Soviet infantry which can be used as tank riders.Contents:Three plastic kitsStat cardsDamage markers
  • BA: US HMG Team

    Blister pack containing four metal miniatures, plus HMG. Supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
  • Wargames Illustrated #371

    Wargames Illustrated is a magazine dedicated to miniature wargaming which is focused on historical tabletop wargames.
  • Pillars

    The new WizKids Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures line features a number of distinguished game accessories. Each pack will give painters the opportunity to explore the fine details of each paint­-stripped...
  • BP: Nap: BR Horse Artillery 9pdr Canno

    1 Artillery Piece4 CrewAssembly Required.
  • Armies Italian Wars Unification (1)

    In the 1840s, post-Napoleonic Italy was 'a geographical expression' - not a country, but a patchwork of states, divided between the Austrian-occupied north, and a Spanish-descended Bourbon monarchy, who ruled...
  • Wings of Glory WW2: Messerschmitt

    The Messerschmitt Bf.109 was one of the first truly modern fighters of WW2. Originally conceived as an interceptor, the Bf.109 fulfilled multiple roles, as bomber escort, fighter-bomber, ground-attack aircraft, and...
  • Tanks: US Sherman Tank Expansion

    The M4 Sherman is the iconic American tank of world War II. Serving from the deserts of North Africa to the forests of Germany, they were present in every theater...
  • T34 Battle Ready Tank, Bolt Action model

    The T-34/85, the very symbol of Soviet military strength in the Second World War, had a large turret to house the more powerful 85mm ZiS gun. A supremely rugged and...
  • Ninja All-Stars: Clan Ika

    In a land where paranoia and insularism are a way of life, the Ika are famous for being even more secretive, cryptic, and distrustful of outsiders than usual. Ika stick...
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