Role Playing Tabletop Games

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  • Kids on Bikes: Powered Character Deck

    Kids on Bikes is a Collaborative World Building RPG set in small towns with big adventures. Using stats like GRIT, CHARM, FIGHT, FLIGHT, BRAINS and BRAWN, you’ll jump into the...
  • SR: Dark Terrors

    You heard the scream. It’s important to remember that. Sometimes, when it’s late, and you hear something that sounds like a scream echoing through dark alleys, you try to convince...
  • Trail of Cthulhu: Cthulhu City

    Cthulhu City is a setting for Trail of Cthulhu, usable for a full campaign in its own right or as a nightmarish intrusion into an existing game. The Investigators find themselves in a...
  • Cavaliers of Mars

    Return now to dying Mars in its last age of glory. A planet of flashing swords and choking sands, of winking courtesans and lantern-lit canal cities. Mars, where fortune and...
  • Overlight RPG Corebook

    Since the beginning of time, a race of serpentine, celestial beings have been the caretakers and observers of the cosmos. At some point in Earth’s past, probably around 1,000 B.C.E.,...
  • Fate: Tachyon Squadron

    The universe is in trouble. Take your stand against the overreaching arms of the Dominion of Unity. Stand up against piracy and lawlessness. Ensure that all members of the Draconis...
  • 5E: Adv: The Brain Gorger's Appetite

    For the most part, the town of Ockney's Hold has always been a peaceful place - bordering on boring. The most interesting things going on in this frontier mining settlement...
  • Bluebeard’s Bride: Book of Mirrors

    The Book of Mirrors is a supplement for Bluebeard’s Bride, a tabletop role playing game in which you and your friends explore Bluebeard’s home as the Bride, creating your own...
  • Bulldogs!: Fate Core Edition

    Sci-fi that kicks ass! Fast paced action space opera using the Fate Core system.
  • Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG

    In a cyberpunk, dystopian future, the citizens of Paris Nouveau are no more than indentured servants. Virtual reality has come at a cost they can never pay, a tradeoff of...
  • 5E: Adv: Ascent Of Evil

    A strange and terrifying magical occurrence has set the adventurers on an overland journey seeking answers. Their investigation leads them to the great northern seaport of Marabiza, where intrigue abounds....
  • PFRPG: Bestiary 5 PE

    Creatures strange beyond imagining and more terrifying than any nightmare lurk in the dark corners of the world and the weird realms beyond. Within this book, you'll find hundreds of...
  • PFRPG: Flip-Mat Multi-Pack: Forests

    Trees Without EndWhen the heroes decide to explore the vast stretches of the wild, Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Forest Multi-Pack has you covered. The four sides of this Flip-Mat Multi-Pack present meandering...
  • Urban Shadows

    The streets bleed shadows as the supernatural politics of the city threaten to swallow you whole. Will you die a hero-a savior for those who have never gotten enough-or live...
  • MLP: ToE: Judge Not By The Cover

    In this softcover, full color book, an all-new adventure awaits! An ancient map left by the wizard Starswirl launches pony characters into an arcane library that only appears every hundred...
  • JCM: Adventures on the Dying World

    Modiphius Entertainment presents John Carter of Mars®: Adventures on the Dying World of Barsoom. A roleplaying game from the mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs that transports you to Barsoom, an...
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