Tabletop Miniatures

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  • GB: S3 Rulebook

    The Guild Ball: Season 3 Rulebook brings you the continuing stories of your favorite players from the world of Guild Ball and the Empire of the Free Cities. Along with...
  • GB: Play Mat: Classic Pitch

    The ultimate surface to play your games of Guild Ball on, our Play Mats consist of a 3'x3' neoprene base with a finely detailed cloth cover, providing a beautiful gaming...
  • GB: Hunters: Blessed of Sun Father S3

    A bestial captain with untamed power, Theron strikes with the frenzy of a cornered beast. Tempered by the hardships of war, his primal wrath pushes him to endure and survive....
  • GB: The Engineers Guild Precision Made Miniatures

    Known as the Artificer Queen to members of the Engineers Guild, Pin Vice is calculating and efficient, having long since moved beyond the limits of humanity in search of mechanical...
  • Alchemists: The Lure of Gold Miniatures

    Roiling inside Midas is an unquenchable desire for power. Driven to madness by his acrid ambitions, he’s quick to exploit the chaos of flames and smoke on the pitch. At...
  • GB: Alchemist: Starter Set

    You wish for some wisdom on the Alchemists? Stay clear of the green smoke ... and do not be in the landing area when the flasks begin to fly. -...
  • Steamforged: Guild Ball Alchemist Katalyst Miniatures

    For some scientists, the pursuit of extending mankind's years and to emerging victorious against the ravages of time is a much nobler study. Katalyst is one such man, hulking and...
  • Grey Stuff

    Grey StuffGale Force Nine100g of "Grey Stuff" : Hobby Epoxy.Gale Force Nine is proudto introduce a new versatile sculpting medium to our Hobby Scenics range "Grey Stuff". This two-part epoxy...
  • Desert Rats Dice Set

    Round out your chosen faction with faction dice featuring the Africa Corps symbol. For use with tanks! 
  • American Sherman Tank Expansion

    Contents:Sherman (early) tankSherman (early) tank cardHero card2 Crew card2 Upgrade cards
  • Lee Tank Expansion Board Games

    Contents:Lee tankLee tank cardHero card2 Crew cards2 Upgrade cards The M3 Lee sported a 75mm main gun mounted in a limited-traverse side sponson, as well as a smaller 37mm gun...
  • Afrika Korps Dice Set

    Contains 6 d6 for Tanks game.
  • Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

    The Ghost Archipelago has returned. A vast island chain, covered in the ruins of ancient civilizations, the Archipelago appears every few centuries, far out in the southern ocean. At such...
  • Master Series Paint: Frost Blue Acrylic

    Reaper Miniatures is pleased to announce the newest brand in their line of best-selling Master Series Paints! Introducing MSP BONES HD Paints! MSP Bones paints have been specifically designed to...
  • Fresh Blood Master Series Paints

    Excellent for thinned paint applications like layering, washes and glazes. Smooth and fluid right out of the bottle means less thinning required. Enhanced flow properties make painting small details easier....

    Every Forge Father is a warrior - a fighter as capable as any in the galaxy. And there are few soldiers as vicious and dogged as a Dwarf fighting to...
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