How to Play Clue on Zoom

Zoom became popular during this pandemic time in the world. People are trying to find a way to stay safe, but at the same time, have fun and have interactions with their friends and family.

Playing board games on Zoom is the perfect opportunity to stay socializing and be safe from the virus staying at home. It is a perfect opportunity to make some changes in your everyday life, especially during challenging times like these. For that, you only need a computer with a camera and a board game.

In this article, we are going to be discussing how to play the game Clue on Zoom.

Clue is an interesting murder investigating game where you need to discover who killed the fictional character Mr. Boddy, in which room, and what weapon was used. If you do all that, then you win the game. You can play this game for about an hour. To play this game on Zoom, you only need one of the players to have it on hand. That means that the ones who have the game will move everyone’s pieces across the board. Also, the player that has the game is the gamemaster. He will see all the other player’s cards without disclosing them to all the players. It also means that he will not be able to play the game.

The setup process takes a few minutes and requires the gamemaster to have Zoom on two devices. The first one would ideally be a phone set on a holder on top of the board. That way, all the players can look at it. The second device would be where the gamemaster would overlook the game and send the cards to each player.

Regarding the other players, they should pin the video with the board to see it on their screen.

The three cards with the murder weapon, killer, and location should be secretly placed down in the confidential file located in the middle of the board. This game has the clue game board, six murder weapons, six suspect tokens, one dice, secret confidential file, detective notebook, weapon cards, character cards, and room cards. Each player should go to a room and make allegations against a character by saying that they did the crime in that specific room with that weapon. If the player to the left has one or more of these cards, he/she must show that card only to you. If that same player has all of the cards, he/she can show you only one of them. If that player doesn’t have any of those cards, then the player to his/her left side has to show you a card that corresponds with your accusation. That, of course, needs to be done secretly. This goes on clockwise until all of the players had a chance to show their cards.

If you feel that you are ready to give an accusation and know all of the cards in the confidential envelope, you should make an accusation. If you are sure that you have guessed the cards, you should take the envelope and look at the cards in it. If the cards are the same as you thought, you should place them on the table and show the other players that you are the game-winner. However, if you are wrong, you should place the cards back in the envelope without showing them to the other player. That means that the game is finished for you, and you lost.

It is recommended to make a suspect suggestion in each room you enter to create a strategy to win the game easily. You can go into a room through a doorway if you get the exact number you need on the die you roll. You can also move to a room without rolling the dice through a secret passage. If you want to get out of that room, you can either roll the die and pass through the doorway, or you are going to be automatically moved out to another room if you are a suspect. You can move horizontally and vertically but not diagonally. Once one of the players guess all the three cards placed in the envelope, that player is the winner, and the game ends.

There is an alternative to playing Clue, especially important if you or your friends don’t have the board game. There are tons of sites or applications that will enable you to play it without struggling to set it up on Zoom. If you are a fan of digital

If you want to amp up your virtual party, then you should try playing Clue on Zoom. You will not only have a great time with your friends, but you will also stay safe at your home. In these modern times, we are lucky that we can enjoy the advantages that the internet gave us. If you ask me, I would do this more often, even if it weren’t any pandemic situation in the world. Sometimes a change is what you need, what I need, what everyone needs. Ready to solve a murder? Get the Clue and Zoom on. Have fun!