How to play SEQUENCE for Kids

In today’s article, we will explain how to play Sequence for kids. This game is a combination of tactics and luck that will help kids improve their memory and critical thinking skills.

Sequence for kids is based on the regular Sequence game that adults play, but it is stripped down and made a bit easier for kids. The standard set of cards is replaced with ones aimed to make the game fun for kids. Also, to win, the player needs to have only four chips in a sequence.

Overall, it’s a fun game, so let’s get into the details and show you how to play Sequence for Kids.

The Object for Sequence for Kids

Each player gets a set of cards and chips of a particular color. The game’s goal is to have 4 chips in a row, and the player that manages to do that is the winner. The chips can be in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal orientation.

What’s in the Box (Contents)

  • Game Board
  • 42 Cards
  • 84 Chips (in 4 Colors)
  • 21 Chips per Color
  • Instructions Manual

Setting up the Game

The setup for the game is relatively simple. The board is set on a table in the middle of the players. Each one chooses which color they will play with and keep their chips by their side. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals 3 cards for each player, and they get one card at a time, so there are 3 dealing rounds. The remaining cards are put in a separate pile, which will be used later as drawing cards. Note: all cards need to be face down.

How to Play Sequence for Kids

How to play Sequence for Kids

As we mentioned, the game is derived from the original Sequence game for adults with more straightforward rules and shorter gameplay.

Number of Players and Playtime

Sequence for kids can be played with 2 to 4 players, and the usual playtime is about 15 to 20 minutes.


Once the cards are dealt, the game starts with the player that sits on the left of the dealer. The game continues in a clockwise direction. Each player places one card from the dealt ones in a pile of cards in front of them; those are the discarded cards.

The card’s color corresponds with a spot on the board where the player will need to place one of its chips. The goal is to match your card with a field on the board, and each card can be matched with two fields. If none of the fields is available, you will not place a chip on the board and will proceed to draw a new card. Each player must hold 3 cards at any time, regardless if a chip is on the board or not.

Once a chip is placed on the board, it cannot be removed unless a player has the dragon card. That is a wild-card that enables a player to remove another player’s chip and place its own. The second wild-card in the game is the unicorn that allows a player to place a chip in any field, as long as there isn’t another player’s chip.

Player interaction

Since it’s “every player for himself” during the game, the interaction between the players is minimal to none. Players can talk to each other, but they cannot show their cards or trade them.

Scoring and Winning

The game has no scoring system of any kind, and the winner is the first player that manages to have four chips in a row, column, or diagonal.

Other Sequence versions to consider

SEQUENCE for Kids — The ‘No Reading Required’

How to Play Sequence for Kids

This version of Sequence for kids is identical to the one we outlined in the article. The rules are the same, and the player will not be required to read to play it; perfect for beginners.


Sequence Original Board Game

We mentioned the original game several times, and this is it. The winner is the player that is the first to connect 5 chips and can be played with up to 12 players.

SEQUENCE- Original SEQUENCE Game with Folding Board, Cards and Chips... & Free shipping

SEQUENCE JUmbo with Cushioned Mat, Cards, and Chips

Sequence Jumbo Board Game

If getting comfortable while playing Sequence is vital to you, then this is the right version. The only difference between the original version is that you get a bigger board and a cushioned mat.

Jax Jumbo SEQUENCE Game - Box Edition with Cushioned Mat,... & Free shipping

Sequence in a Tin

Sequence Tin Edition

The game and the rules are the same as the original. The only difference is that you get the game in a tin and more durable package.

Sequence in a Tin - Five-in-a-Row Fun for Everyone! & Free shipping

Sequence Game – Tube Edition with Cushioned Mat, Cards, and Chips

How to Play Sequence for Kids Tube

If you need the jumbo version with the mat cushion in a stylish package, you may have found it. The tube edition features the same big board with a cushioned mat, and it is packed in a nice tube pack.

Jax Jumbo Sequence Game - Tube Edition with Cushioned Mat,... & Free shipping

Sequence Letters

Sequence Letters Edition

Learning the alphabet has never been easier with the Sequence letter edition. The game rules are the same as the original, 5-chip rule and the only difference is each card needs to be matched with a picture on the board.

Sequence Letters by Jax - Sequence Fun from A to... & Free shipping

Sequence Cats Game

Sequence Cats Board Game

Cat lovers rejoice; the Sequence game has a cat version. The original cards are replaced with cat-cards, and the first player that gets 5 “cats” in a row is the winner.

Sequence Cats Game & Free shipping


Sequence Dice

If you think that you need luck for the original Sequence game, you’ll need even more for the dice version. The cards are replaced with dice, and the number you get during your throw will show where you can put your chip.

SEQUENCE Dice by Jax - An Exciting Game of Strategy & Free shipping

Bible Sequence

Sequence Bible Edition

The classic Sequence game also gets a religious version – Bible Sequence. The rules are identical to most of the other versions, but instead of the regular cards, you get Bible stories that you need to match on the board.

Bible Sequence & Free shipping


Sequence Numbers Edition

Math isn’t always fun, but if you combine it with a game, it can be. Sequence numbers have cards with addition or subtraction equations that the player needs to match to a board number.

SEQUENCE Numbers by Jax - The SEQUENCE Game of Add... & Free shipping

Sequence Travel

Sequence Travel Edition

Don’t let the name fool you; it’s not a Sequence game with destinations. This is a mini version of the original game, where you need to have two sequences of 4 pegs in a row to win, but it is only for two players.

Jax Travel SEQUENCE - The Exciting Strategy Game in a... & Free shipping

Sequence Jewish Edition

Sequence Jewish Edition

The Jewish Edition of the Sequence game is similar to the Bible version. It follows the same rules as the original game, and the cards and fields on the board correspond to facts or places from Jewish history.

Sequence Jewish Edition & Free shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cards are in a sequence for kids?

The original Sequence for kids version has 42 cards. The number of cards can vary with other variants of the game.

What age is the game sequence for?

It depends on the variation. In general, the original game is for players at the age of 7 and above. The kids’ version is for ages 3 and up.

Is there an online version of sequence?

Yes. There is a sequence game available for mobile devices, and there are multiple versions that you can play on a browser.

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