In packs, flocks, and hordes, creatures are emigrating from the Old World in search of hope and prosperity. The New World offers endless opportunity, but only to those who arrive first. In this clever game, players seek out territories to conquer and compete for the most fertile properties, making critical decisions to gain the advantage.

Migration is a modular, tactical, confrontational, area-control game that carries a strong theme and features stunning independent artwork. Players simply take turns placing their pieces on the board, but the position and type of piece have huge ramifications, modifying mobility, influence, and point value.

In the box you will find the basic game, Book I: A Story of Generations, bundled with its expansion, Book II: A Saga of Conflict. Book I features simple, accessible rules that conceal deep and subtle strategies, while Book II more than doubles the number of characters available and introduces new ways to modify the map, alter the rules, or draft and limit pieces.

Migration captures chess-like decision making without analysis paralysis in a game that often lasts less than 15 minutes. Because the board has billions of functionally different configurations and with Age Cards that can cause rules to phase in and out of effect, Migration rewards creativity, adaptation, and foresight rather than memorization. In all, Migration appeals to many and is loved by most.

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A Story of Generations and A Saga of Conflict
A Story of Generations and A Saga of Conflict

Dicey Goblin
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