AC: Servitors of Nyarlathotep

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“The sound was horrific, cracking bone and tearing flesh. Where moments before, our comrade had stood, now an obscenity made a mockery of nature. Wet, pulsing and slick, a proboscis seemed to taste the blood-soaked air. Below, flesh fell away in strips from the hungry maw that widened in anticipation of the coming slaughter.”

The Servitors of Nyarlathotep are created by the dark sorcery of the Black Sun as close assault troops. Whether allied or enemy—the Black Sun will use any available troops to bring these horrific creatures in to being and once unleashed, they spread fear and terror.

Often found fighting alongside the Black Sun troopers, this pack of eight servitors and two MP40 armed Servitor Overlords are the perfect reinforcements to enhance your Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish campaign forces, or they can be used in any Achtung! Cthulhu tabletop and role-playing adventures.

8 Servitors
2 Servitor Overlords of Nyarlathotep with MP40s

AC: Servitors of Nyarlathotep
AC: Servitors of Nyarlathotep

Dicey Goblin
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