Dead Reign-The Zombie Apocalypse

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Dead Reign-The Zombie Apocalypse
Dead Reign-The Zombie Apocalypse


Dead Reign-The Zombie Apocalypse RPG Palladium Books 224-256 pages Dead Reign is a game of survival, rescue and revenge. Player characters are both the hunted and the hunters as they battle the creeping doom and pray for salvation.Zombies have taken over the world. Zombies control the cities. Humans hide in remote wilderness areas.Zombies capture, keep and breed humans in food pens.Player characters are ordinary people fighting for their very existence or bent on revenge.Humankind fights to rescue those they can, and destroy as many of the zombie abominations as they can.Written by Josh Hilden and Joshua Sanford.Art by Nick Bradshaw and Amy L. Ashbaugh Cover by E.M. Gist

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