Four of the most infamous individuals to have taken the adventurers coin in the world of Mantica; Enric, the Butcher of Stryania, Gunn, the Dwarf Engineer, Ravenna, the Witch and Helkan Da’rresh, Twilight Kin Assassin. If you want to live, make sure they’re on your side!

Enric, the Butcher of Stryania was vicious and cruel even before he became a Vampire, the former count of Stryania is now a bloodthirsty monster who revels in slaughter. Having murdered his own people, he now stalks the world, ever in search of a way to slake his unnatural thirst. He takes payment in blood, and is not especially fussy as to whose.

Gunn, the Dwarf Engineer had far too much of a thirst for excitement for the liking of his fellow engineers, finding himself expelled from their ranks after an attempt to ‘improve’ a Steel Behemoth. Now he roams the world as an adventurer, hiring himself out to those in need of his particular skills with the mechanical.

The wizards of the Golden Horn view Ravenna, the Witch with suspicion, dismissing her magic as mere parlor tricks and trickery. Certainly, she has a penchant for the theatrical, but this powerful Druid should not be underestimated. Said to have been sent forth by the Green Lady herself to fulfil some obscure quest, Ravenna is single-minded and tough, and those who have hired her swear by her abilities.

The Shadows are a dark legend amongst the mortal races of Mantica, a half-believed myth of deadly killers who strike from the shadows using poison and blade before slipping away. Few outside their secretive order know anything of substance about them. It is whispered that Helkan Da’rresh, Twilight Kin Assassin, was one of their finest practitioners, though like most things about him, the truth of this is unclear. That he is a cold-blooded and efficient killer however, is beyond question.

This set contains 4 metal models, including:
Gunn the Dwarf Engineer
Ravenna the Human Witch
Enric the Vampire
Helkan the Elf Assassin
Assorted Plastic Dungeon Themed bases

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest set required to play and Adventurer’s Companion.

Dungeon Saga Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required unless otherwise noted.

Dungeon Saga: Heroes of Mantica
Dungeon Saga: Heroes of Mantica

Dicey Goblin
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