Dungeon Tiles Dungeons of Crystalia

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Dungeon Tiles Dungeons of Crystalia
Dungeon Tiles Dungeons of Crystalia


The Dark Consul’s monsters have dug their lairs deep into the earth of Crystalia. These deadly dungeons teem with hordes of monsters who prey upon the countryside. Dungeons of Crystalia expands your games of Super Dungeon Explore with 12 unique dungeon layouts and new creeps that are compatible with your existing dungeon tiles, ensuring no game is ever the same. This Box Contains: 6x Illustrated Double-Sided Dungeon Tiles, 12x Assembled Plastic Models, 3x Sapphire Slime Creeps, 3x Emerald Slime Creeps, 3x Ruby Slime Creeps, 3x Citrine Slime Creeps, 8x Tile Effect Cards, 4x Model Game Cards.

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