Foretold Fatesworn Expansion

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Fatesworn is an expansion to Foretold: Rise of a God in which players take on the role of a deity who gathers followers, builds a temple and then smites rival gods. Foretold is a deck-building game with a tower defense element. During the game you may purchase cards or tiles from the Marketplace to grow your followers and your temple. Players may raid a rivals temple and if they get past defenses, roll a mighty smite die to deal damage. You win the game if you build a full set of 4 aligned Fate Relics or your rivals life points drop to zero.

Fatesworn features exciting new additions to Foretold including cards that count as having every Fate alignment type and powerful new relics. It adds a new game mechanism called Decree. While a card with Decree is in the Marketplace, its Decree ability is active and affects game play.

Requires the Foretold main game to play.

2-4 players
Ages 13+
1-2 hour play time

13 new Faithful, including powerful cards that cost 6 and 7 gold.
5 New Relics, including cards that cost 1 (Arrows) or 6 (Relics of the Fates).
A new Alternate win condition (Relics of the Fates).
6 unique Heart Tiles that players can draft at the start of the game.
6 new Deck Tiles with two flip costs, one for an upgraded effect.
5 Fate Cards per deck with a “generic” Relic Cost met by any Fate Relic.
5 unique Fate Cards per deck with Relic Costs between 1 and 3.

Foretold Fatesworn Expansion
Foretold Fatesworn Expansion

Dicey Goblin
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