GB: Union: First Light of Solthecius

SKU: STEGB03-011

It’s a new dawn for the Union thanks to the divine talents of Grace and Benediction. A bottomless well of healing, the Living Saint, Grace, gives self-sustained support to her teammates near and far. Meanwhile, Benediction stands as a devoted guardian, poised to beat back opposing players. Together, the players make their teams as resilient and unwavering as their faith. Whether you find their presence to be a blessing or a curse will depend on your side of the pitch.

The First Light of Solethecius includes one metal model (assembly required) and stat card for each of the following:
Grace — Player (30mm)
Benediction — Player (40mm)

GB: Union: First Light of Solthecius
GB: Union: First Light of Solthecius

Dicey Goblin
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