Mars Attacks: Giant Mutant Spider

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When the Martians invade a planet, the Science Division will often be seen gathering up examples of the local fauna to conduct experiments on them. These experiments can range from molecular dissection to understand the biological keystones for life in a given environment to blood and tissue sampling and cloning to produce appropriate survival gear in particularly hostile environments. But sometimes, they just like to make things bigger, finding that nothing scares the natives like giant sized versions of otherwise benign creatures! Earth is no exception, and the Science Division has been enjoying great success in producing these ‘giant bugs’ to let loose against the people of Greenville!


This set contains 2 plastic pre-assembled coloured Martian models.

  • Giant Mutant Spider
  • Science Division Bug Handler
  • Detachable Clear plastic helmet

Models supplied unpainted.

Mars Attacks: Giant Mutant Spider
Mars Attacks: Giant Mutant Spider

Dicey Goblin
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