Muse On, LLC: Faction Tokens: Eastern Invaders, Accessories

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SKU: MOM1103

Put the whip to your elephants and friends with this beautiful vibrant 2 sided full-color set of tokens for use with your Skorne models!

Token List:

Upkeeps: Admonition, Aura of Power, Awakened Spirit, Banishing Ward, Black Spot, Blood Mark, Blur, Carnivore, Cloak of Ash, Death March, Death Pact, Defender’s Ward, Hand of Death, Hollow, Ignite, Lamentation, Last Stand, Pursuit, Quicken, Soul Slave, Storm Rager, Subjugation of Will, Tactical Supremacy, Tag Team, Vision, Vortex of Destruction

Spells: 2 Abuse, Carnage, Castigate, Dash, 2 Deadweight, Deflection, 2 Flesh Hooks, 3 Ghost Walk, Host of Shadows, Manifest Void, Mobility, 2 Mortality, 2 Sunder Spirit, 2 The Lash, 2 Torment

Abilities: Battle-Driven, Blind, 5 Blood & Blood-Quenched, 2 Combat Coordination & Desperate Pace, Craft Talisman, 8 Dig In, 6 Enrage, 3 Flare, 2 Flesh-Hardening & Puppet Master, 2 Gnawing Pain & Spiritual Affliction, 3 Grave Mist, 2 Guidance, Man Catcher, 2 Pain Driver, Paralysis, 3 Push to the Limit & March, 3 Rage, 2 Righteous Vengeance, 3 Shield Wall, Silencer, Stir the Blood, 3 Vengeance

Animi: 2 Acidic Touch, 2 Arcane Suppression, 2 Counterblast, 3 Force Aura, 2 Heightened Metabolism, 2 Lurker, 2 Ornery, 2 Prescience, 2 Puissance, 3 Rush, 2 SafeGuard, 2 Sand Storm, 2 Spiny Growth,

Generic: 35 Fury, Feat, 2 Mini Feat

Muse On, LLC: Faction Tokens: Eastern Invaders, Accessories
Muse On, LLC: Faction Tokens: Eastern Invaders, Accessories

Dicey Goblin
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