Ninjas & Superspies: Mystic China

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Ninjas & Superspies: Mystic China
Ninjas & Superspies: Mystic China


Mystic ChinaChina as you never envisioned it! Ancient magic, martial arts masters, supernatural predators, and the dark underworld of mystic China as you have never dreamed.Highlights Include: – 14 new classes of Chinese Martial arts. – Mudra The power to deflect any attack. – More Atemi, Chi, Katas, Zenjoriki, and other mystic abilities. – Over a dozen new character classes suitable for Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies and Beyond the Supernatural and Nightbane. Including the Wu Mage,Blind Mystic, Fang Shih the Master of Geomancy, Monster Hunters, Hong Kong millionaires, and many more. – Chi magic with 87 new spell, chi magic, geomancy, and celestial calligraphy and more. – 10 different types of Immortals imprisoned for centuries now make their bid to enslave the human race and achieve ultimate power. Adventures and adventure ideas. Written by Erick Wujcik.

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