Southlands Adventures Beneath the Pitiless sun


The Southlands takes you to the great empires and wealthy kingdoms of the hotter climates, drawing on a range of fantasy traditions from the Arabian Nights, to Egyptian mythology. Imagine the Scorpion King, Conan, and Sindbad joining forces to find a lost treasure, and fighting genies and were-hyenas along the way, not to mention six-armed demon lords!

Players will find many new character options for Pathfinder RPG. GMs will find kingdoms, treasures, monsters and adventure hooks for desert, jungle, and tropical mountain adventures. There’s also a dollop of esoteric lore for those who seek the knowledge found only within the most ancient papyrus scrolls.

Lost cities, deadly ruins, and a wealth of new character options, from were-lions to insect folk to jinnborn heroes, as well as black lotus magic, incantations, and demonic cults.

The Southlands offers tools for better games, such as the flavor and character of the City of Cats. Join the tradition of Conan, Aladdin, and Sindbad, and bring a touch of wild adventure into your game!

The Southlands core book uses the Midgard Campaign Setting; but its cities, lore, peculiar creatures, and characters are easily portable to any campaign with Southlands themes and climate.

Southlands Adventures Beneath the Pitiless sun
Southlands Adventures Beneath the Pitiless sun

Dicey Goblin
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