Settlers of Catan is Now Online

***Update 9/30/2020: Catan Anytime is no longer available. An updated version is now available and it can be found at Catan Universe.

The Settlers of Catan – be it college reunions, a family get together, a picnic with friends, or just a casual Sunday afternoon, this game has been a part of all of them. We have played this game with our friends, family, grandparents, and many others; but have we played it with people we don’t know? How interesting would it be to trade with strangers and make our way to victory? Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is now possible with the online version – Catan Anytime.

Catan Anytime

The online version looks to recreate the same fun and excitement among players as the board game does. It includes several factors that will allow gamers to experience a new aspect of Settlers of Catan.

It was developed in collaboration with Bontom Games and Mayfair Games and leverages the full potential of HTML5 to deliver players immersive visuals, in-game virtual interaction with friends and more. One of the other fascinating aspects of the game is that it has been designed and developed in such a way that the game runs and functions seamlessly on various devices such as your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to the game engine, the visuals look bright yet light, and render easily across all platforms. Carefully recreated to retain the essence of the original board game, Catan Anytime allows gamers, both new and experienced, to instantly adapt to the online version of the game and start playing.

How Well It Plays

Initially, players can try out a single turn of the game before registering. Once registered, they can then invite their friends and acquaintances to join the fun via email or Facebook and start gaming. With just three players required to commence gameplay, gamers can dive into their worlds instantly without having to wait.

As players get started with the game, each gamer takes a turn and makes his or her move. Besides, the game has auto-roll and auto-trade options to help gamers progress in the game. Although the developers have shied away from using dice, the game is built to recreate the uncertainty that dice are known to offer with a simple click.

Furthermore, the game is well integrated with social media, where you get notified about what’s happening online when you are away. With access to Twitter and Skype, you can send and receive messages, initiate Skype calls, share your progress in the game, and be a part of the Catan community.


What has changed?

The answer for this is simple. In the online version of the classic game, nothing has changed. All the elements of the board game are incorporated in Catan Anytime. As immigrants to the island of Catan, you have the responsibility to expand your settlement. You are now in-charge of your settlement’s looks and functions. You can harvest commodities from nearby lands, build roads, villages and settlements, or even trade resources like lumber, sheep, grain, bricks and wood. Use distinct combinations of resources to unlock and build advanced services, building and specials. When you achieve ten points, from combinations of special, settlements and roads, you win!

With the Settlers of Catan going online, players around the world will have the chance to get hands on with one of the most epic games ever. As ardent fans of the Settlers of Catan, we have the option to play our favorite game from wherever we are; and with stunning visuals and more interactive features, the game is bound to be delightful. However, not everyone feels and thinks the same. So how are you going to play your favorite game? Are you going to play the online version? Or do you feel happiness is playing face-to-face with friends and families sitting close by? Let us know of your thoughts in the comments below.

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