20 Board Games That Will Make You Laugh

There are a wide variety of funny board games that are appropriate for just about any setting. Whether you’re enjoying a night with friends or fun family evening, a board game that will make you laugh is almost essential to complete the night.

We’ve reviewed sales data, gathered customer opinions, and added some of our personal favorites to bring you our top 20 list of hilarious board games. Lets start with our top 5 recommendations.

The Top 5 Board Games That Will Make You Laugh

Editor's ChoiceProduct Name# of PlayersRecommended AgeRating
Our Top PickKids Against Maturity4 or More8 and Up4.6
Great for KidsThrow Throw Burrito2 to 67 and Up4.7
Best Family GameTelestrations4 to 812 and Up4.8
Best for AdultsMonikers4 or More17 and Up4.9
Most UniqueA Fake Artist Goes to New York5-108 and Up4.5

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and are subject to change

Our Top Pick
1. Kids Against Maturity

1. Kids Against Maturity

  • Very simple gameplay
  • Great for family and friends
  • Can be played anywhere- very portable

Few humor games will leave the entire family in stitches the way this question-and-answer game will. Kids Against Maturity is easy to play, requiring little more than a willingness to have your funny bone tickled. Anyone between the age of 10 and 110 will be able to understand the game and get a kick playing it, unless you don’t appreciate jokes that poke on your gastronomy. A minute is all it takes to grasp the rules and by the end of 45 minutes everyone will be laughing hysterically. The 500 question cards among four or more players are enough to keep the game fresh for up to 90 minutes.

Each player picks 10 white answer cards at the beginning of the game. The player with the hairiest knuckles, or who best meets whatever criteria you decide, starts the game. Whoever the starter is will read a blue question card and the other players will try to answer it using their funniest answer card. The judge of that round will go through the answer cards laid down and select the one that cracks them up the most.

Turns will thus be taken clockwise until everyone has had a chance to read. At the end of each turn, players draw cards to maintain their 10 answer cards throughout the game. The player with the most winning cards will be the winner.

Great for Kids
Great for Kids: Throw Throw Burrito

Great for Kids: Throw Throw Burrito

  • Quick to set up and play
  • Great for family gatherings
  • Fun for two to six players
  • If you distribute cards sparingly, even eight can play

If you want a board game that allows players to get a little physical (in a good natured way), Throw Throw Burrito is a good idea. Created by the makers of the popular Exploding Kittens, this game presents players with an innovative first; a dodgeball type card game. Yes, you do actually get to throw burritos at other players, but protective parents need not worry; these soft foam burritos won’t do much harm.

The two to six players in this game score points by collecting sets of three matching cards before other players as well as stealing other players’ points. You steal points by hitting your opponents with those burritos. If a player plays a burrito card, a burrito battle will be ignited. There are also one-on-one burrito duels that unfold similarly to old Western shootouts.

Best Family Game
Best Family Game: Telestrations

Best Family Game: Telestrations

  • Being a bad artist adds to the fun
  • Playable in a wide variety of settings
  • No winners or losers, just plain fun

Here is a delightful game that invites players to guess and sketch their way to a fun-filled evening. Whether you consider yourself a hardcore gamer or a casual thrill-seeker, you will enjoy Telestrations.

Even novice gamers will easily be able to get on board this innovative version of the classic ‘broken telephone’ game. It is the perfect ice-breaker for events where folks may not be familiar with each other.

The game comes with erasable sketchbooks, markers and cleanup cloths to equip up to eight players with all they need for a night of fun. You will also have 1,700 words and phrases for your guessing and sketching pleasure. Before you begin to worry, know that you don’t need art skills to enjoy the game- stick figures will do nicely.

During your turn, you will be required to roll a pair of die to determine your secret word. The sand timer is then turned to start a countdown of 60 seconds for you and the other players to draw your words. Once you’re done, you’ll pass your sketch to the left for the other player to try and guess what it is. After all the sketches have been passed to all the players, it is revealed how accurate the drawings represent the original message.

Best for Adults


  • Easy to play
  • Fun way to get non-gamers on board

This card-based game takes less than a minute to learn but guarantees at least 30 minutes of ecstasy. Gameplay is as simple as player selecting a card and the other players attempting to guess the name on the card. Targeted at mature gamers aged above 17 years, this game is ideal for a crowd where everyone doesn’t consider themselves gamers.

It is more or less an updated version of charades in which players are divided into two teams and each team is assigned a deck of cards. The game is played over three rounds. Basically, each team has to guess all the cards in their deck before moving on to the next round. As you guess, depending on the number of the outcomes, you will get points.        

Most Unique
Most Unique: A Fake Artist Goes to New York Board Game

Most Unique: A Fake Artist Goes to New York Board Game

  • Doesn’t need a lot of gear to play
  • A very creative game unlike any other

If you’re looking to give your game night a unique twist, try breaking out A Fake Artist Goes to New York. With a capacity for up to 10 players, this game will be an excellent addition to your next party.

Each player will have a turn as the Question Master who selects a category and then writes a word from that category on a dry erase card which is they then passed to the other players. One of the other players will have a card with just the letter X on it. This is the fake artist who needs to be found. All players will draw a continuous stroke on a piece of paper as it goes around the table in an attempt to draw the word written by the Question Master.

If the fake artist is not found out, both they and the Question Master get points. If the fake artist is caught but cannot correctly guess the word, the rest of the players (the artists) get the points.

Important Features to Consider

There are a lot of board games that focus on humor these days so we’ve put together some important criteria to consider before you make a purchase.

Age Limits

Is the game appropriate for the age group of the players you have in mind? Games like Kids Against Maturity can be played by both kids and adults, but you will need to remove some cards when playing with kids below 16. Some games like Telestrations have adult versions for adult gamers looking for some raunchy laughs.

Level of Competition

Is your gaming community more competitive or collaborative? There are humor games that pit players against each other while in others they are required to work together to meet a common goal.

Length of Play

How long do you want to play the game? Does your gaming circle prefer to get through as many games as you can in one night? Or would you rather get one game that you can play for hours without getting bored? If it’s the latter, you will want a game like Monikers which has hundreds of cards that will keep players guessing words long into the night.


Some games are very funny but have a bit of a steep learning curve. These may not be ideal in a party setting where people are wanting a more casual experience. If you will be playing with seasoned gamers, they may appreciate a bit of a challenge.

Other Hilarious Board Games Considered for Review

Snake Oil

Snake Oil
9.4/10 Our Score

Snake Oil is for 3-10 players and requires you to tap into your inner salesman. Players combine two cards to create a unique product and must convince the customer to buy whatever they’re selling.

  • Great for families with teenage kids
  • Requires you to get creative to win

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens
9.4/10 Our Score

This two to five-player card game can fit into virtually any setting from adult-themed parties to family game nights. Any age group can enjoy this, whether or not you’re into cats.

The basic premise behind the game is to avoid drawing an exploding kitten card, which means you lose. If you love strategic games with a twist, this game is for you.

  • Takes less than five minutes to learn
  • Variety of expansions available

Beat That!

Beat That!
9.4/10 Our Score

Gutter Games have come up with an indoor game that challenges your physical ability, not just your wits. Beat That! is comprised of 160 challenges that will test your dexterity to the max. Whether you’re 8 years old or 80, you will have a blast competing against your loved ones and the sand timer.

  • Play solo or against other players. You can also collaborate
  • Tests both your mental and physical ability

Taco vs Burrito

Taco vs Burrito
9/10 Our Score

Created by a seven-year old via a Kickstarter campaign, Taco vs. Burrito has an interesting background but even more exciting gameplay. Even adults will have a blast with this strategic card game   

 It plays a little like Uno, but with a very creative twist. The 24 ingredient cards and 32 action cards will keep players engaged for the entire 10 minutes, or however long your game lasts.

  • Easy to learn
  • Great for all ages

What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme?
9.4/10 Our Score

Your goal is to pair a photo card with the most hilarious meme card. At the end of each round, the judge decides the winning meme.

  • Cards deemed inappropriate can be removed to accommodate younger players
  • Fast rounds
  • Guaranteed laughs for everyone

Lightning Reactions Reloaded

Lightning Reactions Reloaded
8.6/10 Our Score

If you want a fun, easy-to-play game to light up any party, literally, get Lightning Reaction Reloaded. Players hold the four handles on the gadget and wait for a prompt that happens after a musical interlude. The last player to press their button after the prompt will have to endure a mild electric shock.

  • Practically no setup required
  • Battery-powered and can be carried anywhere

Not Parent Approved: A Fun Card Game for Kids, Tweens, Teens, Families and Mischief Makers – The Original, Hilarious Family Party Game

Not Parent Approved: A Fun Card Game for Kids, Tweens, Teens, Families and Mischief Makers - The Original, Hilarious Family Party Game
9.2/10 Our Score

Here is yet another innovative spin-off from the popular Cards Against Humanity. Despite the name, parents looking to get their kids off video games and interacting with real people will want to purchase this game. Especially if you want to inspire your kids into a reading habit.

  • Encourages kids to enjoy reading
  • Inspires creativity and freethinking

Off Topic Adult Party Game

Off Topic Adult Party Game
9.2/10 Our Score

This is a sure way to get folks at a party to showcase their creative side for a couple of laughs. A card is drawn to select a topic and a die is rolled to determine the letter responses should start with. It’s then up to the players to write down the most hilarious response they can conjure up on their whiteboards.

  • Great for travel
  • Game can last as long as the players want

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns
9.4/10 Our Score

Funded through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, this card game is a favorite among lovers of strategic games. It pits two to eight players against each other as they try to fill their stables with unicorns, as they try to prevent each other from doing so.

  • Very competitive and strategic
  • Several expansion packs available

Shocktato Party Game

Shocktato Party Game
9/10 Our Score

Shocktato is a versatile party game that can be just as fun for kids as it is for adults. This electric variant of hot potato works pretty much the same way as the original game; players pass the potato among themselves as fast as possible to avoid getting shocked.

  • Super easy to learn and play
  • 3 different modes
  • Control the level of shock

New Phone, Who Dis?

New Phone, Who Dis?
9/10 Our Score

Your office parties will never be the same with this offline text messaging game. All you need is three or more adults able to give and take some mature humor. The aim is to create the most humorous chain of text messages using the 300 response cards.

  • Great for travel
  • Very easy to set up

It’s in The Bag!

It’s in The Bag!
9/10 Our Score

This fast-paced card game adds an exciting twist to the classic charades game. Players are grouped into teams which need to work together to correctly guess the cards in the bag in the shortest time possible.

  • Easy to Learn
  • Fun for players of all ages

Watch Ya’ Mouth Ultimate Edition

Watch Ya' Mouth Ultimate Edition
9.2/10 Our Score

Watch Ya’ Mouth is a great way to inject a couple of laughs into a party or take the competitive tension out of your game nights. One player puts on a mouth guard and reads out phrases written on cards and the other players have to try and guess them.

  • Very unique
  • Great for funny pictures

Pun Intended – It’s All Pun and Games

Pun Intended - It's All Pun and Games
9.2/10 Our Score

If you have a crowd that loves puns, this is a game you must have. Warning: the puns do range from hilarious to silly, which makes the game ideal for all ages.

  • You won’t find a ‘punnier’ game- more than 1300 puns in total
  • Gameplay is really simple; all you need is a sense of humor

PlayMonster Relative Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives — Made & played by Comedian Jeff Foxworthy!

PlayMonster Relative Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives -- Made & played by Comedian Jeff Foxworthy!
9/10 Our Score

This hilarious card game was dreamed up by comedy guru Jeff Foxworthy and has been featured on popular TV shows including Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

4 to 12 players work to complete a phrase from a set up card in the most whacky way they can imagine using their punch line cards. The reader then decides which response is the funniest. Simple as that.

  • Easy to setup
  • Expansions available