How to Play 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule board game requires you to think quickly and talk fast making it great board game for family gatherings. For instance, you might be required to name three breeds of cattle in 5 seconds or even three famous actors. It may sound effortless; but as soon as you start to feel the pressure, those 5 seconds will disappear. Here we will discuss the exciting board game and give you simple guidelines on how to play 5 Second Rule.

5 Second Rule Board Game
Product Title
Product Title
5 Second Rule Board Game
Play Time
Play Time
30 Minutes
Year Published
Year Published
Micael Sistrunk
Recommended Age
Recommended Age
Game Mechanics
Game Mechanics
Party Game

Objectives of the 5 Second Rule Board Game

The game mainly focuses on answering the most questions by giving three correct answers before 5 seconds elapse. A ball that twists down the timer marks the end of your 5 seconds. You are required to think fast and answer questions spontaneously.

The game is won by the individual who has the highest points after a specific number of rounds. When you win, you are provided with a card that gives you a point. Therefore, it means the more you win, the more cards you get.

What’s in the Box? (Contents)

5 Second Rule comes in a small box with mostly cards that have topics written on them and all the cards begin with the phrase “Name 3…” Consequently, you can adjust your game to suit your players. Younger players in the family or group can be allowed to name only two correct answers. More items provided include:

  • 400 questions on 200 cards or 376 question cards with 752 questions
  • Six pawns for playing
  • 5-second twisted timer with a ball
  • A game board
  • 12 PASS ON cards
  • 12 SWITCH cards
  • Set of rules

How to Set up Game

The game was developed with simple, easy steps. First, ensure you record all the names of your players and then Follow these simple guideline to set up the game:

  1. Place the cards into the card box provided. Ensure the cards have the same color facing the front. You can always add more cards to the box if you run out.
  2. Set the cards in the middle of everyone playing where they can easily be reached.
  3. Grab a drink
  4. Grab some snacks

….and that’s it. You’re ready!

How to Play 5 Second Rule?

The game involves taking turns naming three different things based on the card you draw. Once you are on the hot seat, you have 5 seconds to think of three answers and say them aloud before the ball in the timer drops to the bottom.

Number of Players and Playtime

5 Second rule can be played with an unlimited number of people but I recommend playing with at least 5 players. A typical game lasts about 10-20 minutes depending on the number of players and the score you are aiming for.

If you would like to play with 2 players, I recommend checking out this video with Mike and Holly


Even though the game is fairly simple, we do have some recommendations for improving the overall experience.

  1. If you have played before, you should take the first turn to show others how to play.
  2. When playing with young kids, consider removing the timer for the first couple of rounds or even reviewing some of the cards that are a little more complex.
  3. The player to the right of the person guessing typically draws the card and read sit aloud. If it’s easier, you can dedicate one person to reading the cards out loud for multiple turns.
  4. If another player feels the answers given are questionable, it’s best to decide as a group if it’s allowed or not.
  5. In most situations a player who can’t name all three won’t get any points. If your group is fairly competitive, consider the idea of losing points if you get it wrong.

How to Win

To win, you simply need to be the first to reach the designated number of points that is determined before the game starts.

History of the 5 Second Rule Board Game

The inventor of the game is known as Michael Sistrunk. He was avid board game player and often worked on creating his own game. He found success when he partnered with Play Monster to develop 5 second rule. Michael found that the average person could name 3 things of most categories, but when you limit it to 5 seconds the pressure really causes you to stumble. To learn more about Michael Sistrunk, check out the article over at Play Monster.

Other Versions of 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second rule board game has become so popular that there are now multiple versions to choose from. Check out some of our recommendations below.

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