Kickstarter Roundup February 2016

I am super excited to highlight these awesome new games for you to back on Kickstarter, from zombie apocalypses to superheroes and fairy tale kingdoms secretly governed by the monsters — even a 1920s speakeasy. Yeah. It’s an awesome month to be a gamer.

First up, don’t forget to go back Zombie Tower 3D!

In this zombie-themed cooperative game, you and your fellow players are trapped in a building infested by zombies. Together you must rescue survivors, gather supplies, and escape — but the board is designed so you can’t actually see the other players’ spaces. Communication is key.

The Kickstarter runs until March 15, and a copy of the  game will run you $42.

Other noteworthy game projects that you should definitely check out include…

1. Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon

Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon

Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon is an awesome superhero-themed cooperative game. There have been several expansions over the years, and now Greater Than Games is launching the final one — OblivAeon.

The timelines of the multiverse are collapsing. OblivAeon, the heir to nothingness, manifests on Earth to take on the last shreds of the resistance. This final expansion has hero and villain decks, as well as two environments and a mission deck.

Since this is the end, GTG is also releasing a deck of all the hero variant cards it’s printed. The artwork is new, so it’s not just reprints of the original cards, but the set is complete. And as stretch goals are reached there will be more alternate art, too

You can get the game for $39; if you want the variant collection it will run you $54; and there’s additional swag as you move up the backer tiers. The campaign ends on March 11.

2. Corrupted Kingdoms

Corrupted Kingdoms

Corrupted Kingdoms is set in a fairytale land where monsters have subverted the government. It’s a light strategy game where you play one of the corrupt corporations vying for control. You’ll need to outwit your fellow players and derail their attempts to take power.

I really like the art here. It’s colorful and feels appropriate to the theme (I’m also a fan of twisted fairy tales sooo…). I’m also a fan of lighter-themed games. Corrupted Kingdoms is meant to play in 30-60 minutes with 2-6 players.

The game is also done by the same people who did Tesla vs. Edison back in May of 2015. You can get a full copy of the game for $32, with a deluxe edition starting at $47.

3. The Opulent


I’m a sucker for the 1920s. I can’t help it because love art deco, I love the glitz and glam. I love the rebel attitude of the prohibition era. I’m also a huge fan of cooperative games.

In this game, you and your fellow players are collectively managing a speakeasy called The Opulent. You need to work together to achieve goals, such as making improvements to the location, hiring staff, and catering to different crowds. The game is designed to be played as a campaign, with goals for each year. You can play a standalone round, though, if you’re in the mood for a one-off.

The art is, of course, gorgeous. But what has me excited are the stretch goals, which would take the game to the next level. So make sure you get yourself a copy, so we can all get a little bit closer to those stretch goals.

The Opulent is yours with a $45 pledge, and the campaign ends on March 6.

4. Council of Blackthorn

Council of Blackthorn Board Game

Council of Blackthorn is another political themed game, this one with a medieval setting. Players are members of the King’s council, vying for power and influence. However, some of the acts you might carry out to get ahead might seem a little, well…treasonous. So as the game goes on, you collect treason points. At the end of the game, the most treasonous player is executed, and the remaining player with the most influence wins.

I love that it’s a twist on the usual strategy game. You can’t go all out and squash every other player without putting your own head on the line, which is genius. And once again, the art on this is just lovely. The game is for 2-6 players, with a playtime of 45-90 minutes.

You can get your own copy of Council of Blackthorn for $40, and the campaign ends Feb. 29.

5. VENOM Assault

Venom Assault Board Game

Another cooperative game here, VENOM Assault has a definite 80s cartoon vibe, which is deliberate. This is a cooperative deck-building game where you and your fellow players are part of the Freedom Squadron, an international team of heroes who must stop the evil organization VENOM before their nefarious plot can be carried out.

The art is spot-on, but so is the board. It has such a nostalgic retro feel to it; how can you not like it?

VENOM Assault can be yours for $35. Make sure you back this one by March 10 to get your copy!

6. Heldentaufe

Heldentaufe Board Game

Heldentaufe is a tile-based adventure game. The world building is what really stands out to me: in this fantasy world, there are two realms: the Upper World, where the sun shines and things are mostly peaceful. But beware the portals that lead to the Netherworld, where a treasure awaits —along with monsters and traps. As you play the game, you unveil tiles in the Upper World. An unexpected portal might send you into the Netherworld, where you must complete missions, collect treasures, and bring back monster teeth.

Heldentaufe is for 2-5 players with a playtime of 60-90 minutes. There’s a good blend of strategy and chance here, which promises a lot of fun. The visuals are spot-on , too: colorful and fantastical.

The game will run you $39.50 and the campaign ends March 5.

Stay tuned as we uncover more great games in the making. Which one of these games will you be backing?