Valda – Rise of the Giants and Ragnarok

Exciting news for Valda game lovers and backers. Nathan Vermeulen announced that the Kickstarter running for the Rise of the Giants and Ragnarok expansions are 100% funded. It achieved its goal in just 27 hours.

Rise of the Giants and Ragnarok Expansions

Valda recently introduced two game expansions to make it more thrilling and exciting for its fans, Rise of the Giants and Ragnarok. The expansions have added new player boards, a bunch of new cards, card types, and even giants.

The expansions revolve around the peaceful Land of Asgard. Asgard is a stable and quiet land, with everlasting Gods being worshipped and admired.

Suddenly Asgard turns into a battlefield when the Queen of the underworld, Hel, intervenes to satisfy her desire of empire expansion. To fulfill her wish of broadening the empire, she convinces Surtur to ally with her. In response, Surtur seeks help from his fellow brethren, and war starts when these hidden giants rise again.

The expansions are fairly straightforward and the goal of the game is still the same; whoever gets more followers at the end wins and becomes a God.

Game Play and Components

If you are not a native English speaker, don’t worry!

All the game components, including cards, world map, and player boards, are language independent. The game comes with a rulebook for both the base game and expansions in different languages, including English, French, Dutch, and German.

Valda and the new expansions are designed for 3-5 players, and each player has the choice to select Gods or Giants to use their powers. It starts with the Valda phase, where each player explores the newly formed world with drafting and cards.

In the next step, players build temples in God or Giant domains to get divine powers to access more authoritative and powerful spells.

After gaining enough power, the most intensifying phase is next, the attack phase. In this phase, every player attacks once per turn.

The attack phase follows a strategic step, called the follower phase, in which the player worships God or Giant after building a temple. This phase allows the player to transfer divine blood, eyes, gold, diamonds, runes, cards, or dice into followers. In the last phase, rare resources are garnered by the player by rolling the dice.

How to Win

In the end, the Viking chieftain, with the highest number of followers, climbs the ship and wins to become a God. That’s pretty much about it.

If you want additional details about the game, check out the Kickstarter here and support the game while you can.