The year is 1908, and the powers of Europe simmer in an uneasy peace. The Age of Steam and Electricity has ushered a multitude of scientific wonders – telegraph, airship, locomotive. With these has come prosperity and wealth, but also developments of a more unsettling nature.

Massive armies are being raised, armed with all the horrors of modern weaponry, while mobs of discontent citizens unite in outrage against the affluent ruling class. For the first time, an individual of no repute could seize the power to direct the course of history – a single bomb in the hand of a lone anarchist could tilt the continent into total war, and a single act of violent sabotage could cripple an empire.

This is the dawn of the age of espionage. Cover agents of these great powers teem about, procuring and trading information, aiding their allies and maneuvering the fall of their rivals.

You are one of these agents, vying to secure a powerful position for your homeland through intelligence-gathering and political machination.

Stability is easier to destroy than to create, however, so you must be protective of your homeland and its intentions for conquest. Maneuvering other nations into threatening positions will ring the blows of your opponents down on them, and this wasted effort will be the harbinger of your success, as you stand poised at the final moments to seize the advantage and raise your homeland to dominance.

I, Spy is a psychological strategy game, set in the early days of European espionage.

2-4 players
Ages 13+
30 minute play time

Made in China.

I, Spy
I, Spy

Dicey Goblin
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