Ninja All-Stars: Yagyu Jubei

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Ninja All-Stars: Yagyu Jubei
Ninja All-Stars: Yagyu Jubei


Yagyu Jubei had heard tales of the Moonlight Tournament for years before finally daring the passage to Kagejima to experience the tournament for himself. He has informed the Sun Court that he will not be returning soon; there is simply too much to see, and Jubei has sworn to discover all he can.

Each Ronin and Hero has a special ability that can’t be found anywhere else in the game. Jubei’s Banzai can be especially useful in a scrum as he can reposition and then put a powerful attack on an enemy that otherwise would require dodging to attack.

These products require Ninja All-Stars main game to play.

Ninja All-Stars miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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