Zombie Fluxx Review


Zombie Fluxx

by Eric Callender

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Manufactured by Looney Labs

Zombie Fluxx, the living-dead-themed variant of the classic game of mutability Fluxx, takes the original game experience and adds an undead twist. Now, on top of ever-changing game rules and win conditions, the players of Zombie Fluxx are also faced with a full-blown zombie epidemic, presenting them with a whole new array of foes, or, depending on how you play the game, friends of the should-be-pushing-up-daisies persuasion.

Taking the original concept of Fluxx, a game where evolving rules is a central mechanic, Zombie Fluxx adds a heavy dose of living-dead flavor, incorporating new undead-themed cards as well as two novel card types – Ungoals, conditions that if met result in a zombie apocalypse and a loss to all players, and Creepers, the zombies themselves. This is a Fluxx variant for anyone who enjoys tongue-in-cheek, parody games like Munchkin or fans of the zombie horror genre looking for a light-hearted, undead romp.

The gameplay of Zombie Fluxx closely resembles that of the original Fluxx. Players take turns drawing and playing cards, trying to meet the conditions laid out by Goal cards in order to win the game. As the game progresses, players activate new rules dictating how many cards are drawn and played, the number of cards allowed in hand, and even what a player needs to do to win the game. Zombie Fluxx adds several new ingredients to this recipe, giving players the added goal of preventing a zombie apocalypse, making players avoid or do away with the zombies they encounter, and even providing new ways to win the game such as by forming a zombie baseball team (achieved by collecting nine zombies and a baseball bat) or by becoming the Zombie Boss and spearheading the undead renaissance.


As a side note, Zombie Fluxx contains all of the rules and cards needed to play a game of basic Fluxx in addition to the undead variant. So, if you are new to Fluxx don’t be afraid to pick up this version since you can begin with the basic game and graduate to battling the undead hordes when you are ready later.

Like all games, Zombie Fluxx has a target audience. I recommend this game for fans of the zombie horror genre looking for some comic relief, gamers who get a kick out of parody games, or for people who enjoy crazy, chaotic games with high levels of variance. A word of caution: if you are a gamer who is highly competitive and always plays to win, this may not be the game for you. If you come to this game with a competitive mindset, then you likely will be frustrated by the apparent lack of control which your actions have over the outcome of the game and the ease with which the other players’ actions negate your carefully-laid plans. This is not to say that competitive gamers should not play this game, only that you should come to Zombie Fluxx looking first for a fun time and second to win. If you have trouble toning down your competitive side, a few beers always help.


So, the next time you and your friends watch a Walking Dead marathon, or go to a halloween party, or just want to get together and have a good time, brave the undead hordes and try out Zombie Fluxx. Get your copy today!

Recommended For: fans of the zombie horror genre; gamers who enjoy parody games like Munchkin; gamers who enjoy crazy, chaotic games with high variance; fans of the original Fluxx game.

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