Dominion Card Game Review

In Dominion, you are a monarch with a small kingdom just like your parents before you. Your goal as a young monarch is to grow your kingdom and expand your lands.. You must conquer and cultivate, working with the current residents who live there.

Be vigilant! Other monarchs are poised to seize power. You must be shrewd as you create your card hand to build the largest kingdom as quickly as possible. Dominion is a fast paced strategic card game where you must balance developing a powerful hand of cards and building your estate to accrue the most victory points.

Brief Overview

Dominion can be played with 2-4 players, but it’s best with at least 3 players. If needed, you could squeeze a fifth player in if circumstances require it! The first learning rounds can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. Once you get into the rhythm of the game it will last anywhere from 15-45 minutes. It’s difficult to play less than two or three rounds a sitting.

My Impression

The learning curve of this game is quite steep. However, the game mechanics are great and the competition becomes intensely entertaining. Make sure to read the instructions and use the first recommended card sets until you understand how certain card combinations synergize together. Dominion also has lots of replay value because you can switch your chosen card specialties every game!

The script and storyline take you to a medieval atmosphere drawing you into the game’s settings. The cards’ artwork is creative and beautifully done. The game would benefit from having a play mat to lay the cards on. Also the treasure cards should be different colors to make them easier to differentiate.

Who Should You Play With

Dominion is best played with ‘That Guy’ who is an analytical mastermind. Any of your friends who enjoy strategy games or are Magic the Gathering players will enjoy this casual multiplayer deck building game. Snacks and eating are usually tossed to the wayside when it comes to games that involve a lot of card handling, so whip out the blender and make some frozen margaritas for your friends!

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