Luck & Logic: Growth & Genesis BD

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Luck & Logic: Growth & Genesis BD
Luck & Logic: Growth & Genesis BD


We have discovered the truth one day. It transcends even the building blocks of all matter, the atom. A certain concept which governs emotions, talent, memories, and those with neither shape nor form.

Even the Gods which exist due to the ‘Logic’ of other worlds have found a common place in this world. Battles where the survival of these worlds hang in the balance are about to begin.

Bushiroad, Bandai Visual, Nitroplus, Lantis, Yuhodo, Doga Kobo; the leaders of media content present you 2016’s biggest project; Luck & Logic! The door to the world of Anime and TCG Trance is now open!Â

T Luck & Logic, now broadcasting and streaming in ten countries, is a Sci-FI ‘bishojo’ battle action anime with ‘Trance’ as the theme! The world of Luck & Logic features beautiful girls and boys who possess an array of abilities who ‘trance’ with travelers from parallel dimensions, and transform into a new fascinating appearance with powers beyond their control!

Hot stamp signed cards by the voice actors of the anime are randomly inserted! One out of four PR cards (two of which are special gate cards)Â
is included randomly as a box topper!

Featured Worlds:
World of Power Monolium
World of Spirits Disfia

120 Cards total
7 Cards per pack
20 Packs per display

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